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AALL SELF STORAGE                                                                                    
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Addenda Attached by Reference

Customer Unit Number:  _____________

Space Size: _______________________

****************************LEASE AGREEMENT***************************


This LEASE is executed on the _______ day of __________, 20______, by and between AALL Self Storage (Owner) and __________________ (Occupant) for the purpose of leasing or renting units or spaces, as described below with the express understanding and agreement; that no bailment or safekeeping is intended or created by this lease.  Occupant hereby rents from Owner the unit or space referenced above hereafter referred to as "premises", "space" or "unit".


1.       NOTICE:  All goods, wares, merchandise and property of any description stored in Occupant's unit/space are subjected to a lien for all unpaid charges, including but not limited to expense of transfer, storage, sales, legalities, rents, fees and all other applicable charges and may even be sold by private or public sale to satisfy the lien, if that balance remains unpaid for fourteen (14) consecutive days.  Owner may then take possession of the premises and all of Occupant's property therein and store at the expense of Occupant.  This lien and its enforcement are authorized by Ch. 294.1988 Laws of Washington (Ch. 19.150 RCW) as they are now or future amended.

2.       TERM OF LEASE:  The term of this lease shall begin on the day shown above and shall continue to the corresponding day of the next month.  The second month shall be pro-rated to be the remaining days of said second month.  Thereafter, the term of the lease shall begin on the first of each and every following month on a month-to-month basis.

3.       RENTAL RATE:  The "Monthly Rental Rate" specified on the attached lease addendum is hereafter referred to as Rent.  RENT IS DUE IN ADVANCE BY THE FIRST (1ST) DAY OF EACH AND EVERY CALENDAR MONTH TO AALL SELF STORAGE, THE OWNER OR THE OWNER'S DESIGNATED AGENT.  RENT MUST BE PAID IN FULL for each month by the due date.  Charges on overdue accounts will begin after the tenth (10th) according to the amount(s) indicated on the addendum.  Dishonored or NSF checks will be charged the amount indicated on the addendum.  Occupant agrees to pay owner, as additional rent, the amounts shown on the attached addendum for any later payment, each dishonored check and all other applicable fees.  Owner reserves the right to change the rental rate at any time by giving written notice to Occupant 20 days before the end of any month of this tenancy, by mail, to the address given by the Occupant on the addendum.  Advanced payments will be applied toward new rent, effective upon notice give; any difference must be paid when balance comes due.

4.       FEES:  A non-refundable administration fee of the amount indicated on the attached lease addendum is for establishing and maintaining the Occupant's account.  A refundable cleaning deposit in the amount indicated on the attached lease addendum will be required.  Late fees in the amount of $20.00 or 20% of the monthly rent (whichever is greater) shall be imposed for any late rent payments.

5.       STORAGE LIMITATIONS:  Owner exercises neither care, custody nor control over Occupant's stored property.  Owner is not engaged I the business of storing goods for hire and no bailment is created under this agreement.  Occupant agrees not to sore any food or perishable items.  Occupant agrees to only use space for the storage of personal property wholly owned by the occupant or lien holder.  Occupant shall not utilize the premises for storage of any property requiring a license or permit without obtaining the required license or permit and providing Owner with a copy thereof before storing such property.  NO ILLEGAL GOODS OR CONTRABAND SHALL BE STORED.  Occupant agrees to comply with all applicable laws (federal, state and local), rules and regulations promulgated there under.  Under no circumstances shall the Occupant use the space for manufacture, fabrications, assembly or other process, or for human or animal habitation or activity (Commercial or Non-commercial).  Occupant shall restrict use of space solely to passive storage of personal property and the storing and removal thereof in accordance with this agreement.  Occupant is also STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM STORING OR USING MATERIALS ON THE PREMISES CLASSIFIED AS HAZARDOUS OR TOXIC UNDER ANY LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAW OR REGULATION, OR FROM ENGAGING IN ANY ACTIVITY PRODUCING SUCH MATERIALS.  Occupant shall NOT STORE OR USE ANY FLAMMABLE OR EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS ON THE PREMISES.  Owner reserves the right to disallow any item from being stored on the premises for any reason at any time.  Owner may enter the unit at any time to retrieve or dispose of prohibited items at Occupant's sole expense.

6.       INSURANCE PROVIDED BY OCCUPANT:  Owner does not provide any type of insurance for anything stored on the premises nor does it imply any insurance against any type of damage, loss or theft for goods left on the premises.  Occupant agrees to maintain a policy of fire and extended coverage insurance with theft, vandalism and malicious mischief endorsement for the replacement value of their stored property at their own expense.  This insurance is for the benefit of both Occupant and Owner.  Occupant expressly agrees that the insurance provider shall not be subrogated to any claim of Occupant against Owner or Owner's agent or employee.  Occupant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, as set forth in item #9, the Owner fro any claim based in whole or part upon subrogation.  To the extent that Occupant does not maintain the required insurance coverage, Occupant shall be deemed to be "self insured".  To the extent that Occupant is self-insured, Occupant shall bear all risk of loss or damage and hereby release Owner, Owner's agent and employees from any damage and all claims for damage or loss to the personal property stored on the premises that are caused by or result from perils that are, or would be covered under the required insurance.  It is suggested that Occupant store items on wood crates and cover with plastic or place in sealed containers to protect items from dust and dampness in the air or that may form on concrete or metal surfaces.

7.       SPACE RENTED:  Occupant accepts the space as being clean and in good condition and repair.  Occupant will immediately notify Owner of any defect in the storage space.  Occupant will keep the premises in good condition and will pay Owner for repairs necessary due to negligence or misuse while under Occupant's control.  Occupant shall not build, attach or alter anything in or to the building walls, floor or ceiling with any fasteners.  Occupant shall not use the electrical light, if provided for any use other than as a light fixture.  The operation of any type of heater, refrigerator or freezer if prohibited.

8.       CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  All notices required or permitted by law or by this Agreement may be sent to Occupant at any of the addresses proved by Occupant on the addendum.  If provided address changes, such change shall not be binding upon Owner unless Occupant has given Owner a written notification of the change and Owner acknowledged its receipt in writing. 

9.       VACATING/TERMINATION OF LEASE:  TENANCY WILL BE TERMINATED UPON SEVEN (7) DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE BY OWNER OR OCCUPANT TO THE OTHER WITH A ONE-MONTH MINIMUM TENANCY.  The space will be left in good condition and Occupant is responsible for all damages to the space.  Vacate procedures are to be adhered to and the "Vacate" form must be signed in the office upon vacating the space.  Further, may at the option of Owner, terminate this Rental Agreement immediately upon any default under the terms of this Rental Agreement or the abandonment on premises.  Unclaimed property left on the premises after termination shall be disposed of, at Occupant's expense, in accordance with the Washington State Uniform Unclaimed Personal Property Act (Ch. 63.29 RCW).

10.       INDEMNITY:  Occupant will indemnify, hold harmless and defend Owner from all claims, demands, actions or causes of action including attorney's fees and all costs whatsoever) that are hereafter made or brought about the others as a result or arising out of Occupant's use of the premises including claims for Owner's active negligence.  Indemnity specifically includes any costs, expenses, fines or penalties imposed against the Owner, arising out of storage or use of any hazardous or toxic materials by Occupant, Occupant's agents, employee, invitees or guests.

11.       (A) RELEASE OF OWNER'S LIABILITY FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE:  All personal property stored by Occupant within or upon the space shall be at Occupant's sole risk.  Owner and Owner's agents and employees shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to Occupant's personal property stored at AALL Self Storage facilities arising from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to:  burglary, mysterious disappearance, fire, water damage, rodents, Acts of God, the active or passive acts or omissions or negligency of the Owner, Owner's agent or employees. 

            (B) RELEASE OF OWNER'S LIABILITY FOR BODILY INJURY:  Owner, Owner's agents and employees shall not be liable to Occupant, Occupant's agents, relatives, employees, invitees or guests for injury or death to Occupant, Occupant's agents, relative, employees, invitees or guest as a result of Occupant's use of the storage unit or the premises, even is such injury or death is caused by the active or passive acts, omissions or negligence of the Owner, Owner's agents or employees or by any other reason while at the AALL Self Storage Facility.

12.       ACCESS:  OCCUPANT'S ACCESS TO THE PREMISES MAY BE CONDITIONED in any manner deemed reasonably necessary by the Owner and at the Owner's sole discretion to maintain order and to protect security on the premises.  Such measures may include but are not limited to:  requiring verification of Occupant's identity including photographic recordation; limiting hours of operation; required Occupant to sign in and out upon entering or leaving the premises; and inspection of vehicles coming onto the property.  The Owner can take no responsibility for denying access to anyone having a proper access code, key and/or combination to the lock and/or security on your space.  Listing authorized persons on the addendum will only help our manage or security personnel verify that they have authorized business on the premises.  Occupant agrees to be solely responsible for controlling access to the storage unit.  When any part of the rent or other charges, due from Occupant remains unpaid for six (6) continuous days, Owner may deny Occupant's access to the premises and space.

13.       SPACE SECURITY:  Occupant agrees to be solely responsible for providing such locks, as Occupant desires for securing access to the pace.  Only one (1) lock may be used on each door.  Additional locks may be removed at Occupant's expense.  If such locks or security devices are rendered useless from any cause, or the space is rendered unsecured in any manner, Owner may, at his sole option, take whatever measures deemed reasonably necessary by Owner to re-secure access to Occupant's space.  Owner is not responsible for taking any measure whatsoever, nor for notifying Occupant that access to their space has become un-secure.  The fact that the Owner has taken measures to re-secured access to Occupant's space under this paragraph shall not alter the limitations upon Owner's liability set forth in Item 10 of this agreement, nor shall such measures be deemed a conversion of Occupant's stored property.

14.       AMENDMENTS TO LEASE:  Owner shall have the right at any time to establish or change hours of operation or to make amendments or additional rules and regulations for the safe care and cleanliness of the premises or preservation of good order.  Occupant agrees to follow all Owner's rules now in effect or that may be put into effect at any time.  Owner may change any of the terms of this agreement by the giving of written notice to Occupant twenty (20) days prior to the expiration of any moth of this tenancy.

15.       NO ORAL AGREEMENTS/WARRANTIES:  This agreement contains the entire agreement between Owner and Occupant and no oral agreements shall be of any effect whatsoever.  Occupant agrees that he is not relying and will not rely upon any oral agreement made by Owner or any of Owner's agents or employees that would modify or add to this agreement in any manner.  No expressed or implied warranties are given by Owner, Owner's agents or employees as to the suitability of the storage space for the Occupant's intended use.  Owner disclaims and Occupant waves any implied warranties of fitness for a particular use or premises activity.

16.       DISCLOSURE FOR LIENS:  Occupant shall not sublet or assign the storage space.  Occupant is required to disclose any lien holders or secured parties who have an interest in property that is or will be stored within Occupant's space at this facility.  Name and address of all lien holders shall be disclosed on attached addendum. Pursuant to Washington State Law, Occupant is requested to provide the name and address of another person, disclosed on attached addendum, to whom the preliminary lien and subsequent notices may be sent.

17.       RIGHT TO ENTER:  Occupant grants Owner, Owner's agents or representative of any governmental authority, including police and fire officials, access to the unit.  In the event of an emergency, Owner, Owner's agents or representatives of governmental authority shall have the right to enter the unit without notice to Occupant and take such actions as may be necessary or appropriate to preserve the premises, to comply with applicable laws or enforce Owner's rights.

18.    VALIDITY AND SUCCESSION:  If any part of this Agreement is unenforceable for any reason whatsoever; it shall not affect the balance of this Agreement otherwise found to be valid and enforceable.  All provisions of this Lease shall apply to, bind and be obligatory upon the heirs, executors, administrators, representative, successors and assigns of the parties hereto.





Occupant acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Lease Agreement by my signature below.

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